I spent the last two months of 2018 contemplating my life.

I was overwhelmed with anxiety and depression.

Why? Ideas. They swirled through my mind so much, I lost sleep. When I did close my eyes to get a breather, the ideas followed me to lalaland.

I literally could see how BIG Mosron Communications is. I was not lacking in words to describe how this agile and dynamic public relations agency would change the fortunes of at least 100 businesses over the next five years.

But that is where it stopped. Ideas.

I took baby steps towards implementation. Yet the ideas came in waves that drowned my sluggish attempts to get the world to see my brilliance.

Thankfully, I repented of my indolence.

I took a step back, and treated my company as my client. What strategy would I recommend for a nimble public relations agency out to help brands and corporate executives tell profitable stories that give good returns on investments?

I took my own medicine and plunged DEEP into the ocean where my clients are.

The last two days of 2018 were defining moments for me. By the time the sun rose on the morning of January 1, I had smashed my goals for Q1:2019.

I moved from thinking it to DOING IT.


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