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Dear CEO,

Internal and external communications is essential for company’s existence. With a solid corporate public relations strategy, you are able to drive a message that contributes to your marketing efforts and general objectives. Public Relations bolsters your organisation’s ascent to the top in your industry. Immediate create a corporate PR strategy if you notice the following:

  • Social Media Decadence: What is the date of your last corporate post? Are your corporate social media pages barren? Regular topical updates, feature stories, corporate news, human side of the brand, educative and client-friendly content are critical in maintaining online relevance. Your pages should not just take up space; they should add value.
  • Meagre Media Coverage: Media relations is an effective tool in a PR strategy. Which timely and press-compelling story does your organisation have in stock? Deliver your agenda to your stakeholders through the media and build credibility via effective channels.
  • Backstage Boss: Regardless the outstanding professional qualities of the chief executive, they should be an epitome of brand. The personal brand of executives impacts directly on the organisation’s brand. As such, more attention should be paid to executive presence and what it means for the organisation.
  • Staff turnover: Do you record a high rate of employee turnover? It should an signal for your organisation about problematic internal structures.. Do you engage staff, audit corporate culture, check in on how your staff interpret your corporate mission and vision? Keep in mind that your company’s success also depends on the people working with you to make those goals a reality.
  • Event Dearth: Neglect of public activity is a checkmate for your company’s brand awareness. Participate in external thematic events to boost your corporate reputation.

Are you experiencing these signs? Talk to us at Mosron Communications.

We specialise in developing effective PR strategies tailored to every client we work with. These strategies are backed by extensive bespoke research and data, ensuring that we design tailored implementation and assessment protocols to achieve the maximum impact.


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