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Strategic communications is essential for any organisation. Your communications team is responsible for making your brand top of mind for your audiences. Amongst other things, your objectives must guide business decisions and all communications activities, from media engagement, events to stakeholder management. If you have invested in your organisation by establishing a communications team, here are three essential deliverables you must measure them by:

  • Optimised and functional communications assets: your communications team should be make sure your communications materials and public engagement channels are functional and efficient. For example, when last was your website updated?
  • Strategic thinking and relationships management: strategies and relationship building with the media, potential partners, vendors and other stakeholders are core PR functions. Your communications team should know how to get relevant people on your side to help achieve your business goals.
  • Solid understanding of business processes: no communications team can function effectively without fully grasping what makes your organisation tick and how you do what you do. Effective strategies come from proper understanding of your processes and the gaps communications can fill. So, ensure your PR team are included in management meetings so they can offer strategic insights from a PR perspective.

Is your communications team delivering less than expected? Then you should be looking to carry out an audit to revamp, upskill or replace. At Mosron Communications, we bring our 20 +years years experience to bear to set up or upskill in-house communications unit: from JD design and KPI setting to hiring, supervision and training. We ensure that your communications team is suitably equipped to support the achievement of business objectives.


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