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WhatsApp: The Personal Marketing App

By January 2, 2019No Comments

We sealed the deal.

Within 7 days.

Some weeks back WhatsApp status, I shared about the SME service bouquet I had put together to help businesses launch into their next growth phase.

A friend saw it, and shared it with the Chairman of one of the biggest group of schools in Ogun State. Within 2 days, I was in a meeting with him. On the spot, he requested that I head the interview panel that would recruit staff for their new Public Relations and Media Unit. 5 days later, we had the final interview for applicants, selected 2 – and I got onboard as the PR Consultant for the organisation.

It started with sharing my ideas on my WhatsApp status. What are you doing with yours? Many of us complain that our friends don’t support us.

Have you asked yourself: “do they really know what I do?” Have you broken down your service offering in easily digestible and understandable bits? Then, what are you doing with the resources at your disposal?

Make very good use of the exposure that technology has put at your finger tips.

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