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The Creative Entrepreneur

By January 2, 2019No Comments

I always wondered where people got ideas from. How did Amazon start? What was Ali Baba’s thought pattern when he envisioned How do global conglomerates start? Do I really have what it takes to create something out of nothing?

It has only just dawned on me how people come to get ground breaking ideas. One of the most critical lessons I learnt on my last job was how to create things. How a thought can become so big, you literally have people paying millons just to own a part of it. And then I looked back over the past few months and realised: I have been a creative entrepreneur too.

Part of my work for clients is to provide creative strategies for business growth: from the peanut seller to the real estate mogul. Very recently, I created an Order Tracking System for an online retail store with presence on Instagram and Twitter only. That in itself may not be phenomenal – but the data the OTS provides has fundamentally changed the outlook of the business.

The OTS captures information on who orders what, when, delivery location and cost, amount paid and profit made per transaction. But, knowing people’s spending habits around the Christmas holiday and how long January can be, we went on to use the OTS as a springboard: open a tab with the business and get your items when you need them. For those who would get year end bonuses, they can pay a bulk amount and then use it throughout 2019.

The response to this simple business strategy has been massive. Guess what: there will be many businesses that offer the same service as you. What are you doing differently? How are you strategically positioning your business as the solution provider, not just another business out to take people’s money?

Dear Entrepreneur, consumers are wiser now. You must consistently show that you are thinking and have your clients’ interests at heart in the way you provide your products and services. Are you in tune with your clients’ needs? What business story are you telling?

Days are gone when communicators are relegated to the back, waiting on orders from senior management before telling a brand’s story. For businesses that want to succeed, your communications team is a fundamental part of your business strategy. They will tell your story in the most appropriate form that will elicit the desire response from your target market.

P.s: Want to see how I told the story for the online retail store? Check out the page on Instagram.


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