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In 2006, I started editing my course mates’ class assignments. For a fee.

That was how Mosron Communications started. As an undergraduate, all I wrote was an invitation letter – but it brought the Regional HR Director of the then Intercontinental Bank from Lagos to Ado Ekiti to speak at an event.

“I want to see the person who wrote that letter,” he said.

Fast forward to today, Mosron has expanded its service offering beyond editing. We are now a public relations and marketing communications agency, working with growing businesses and c-suite executives to achieve their desired growth objectives.

For c-suite executives, and senior professionals re-entering the business world, we offer Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management Services.

For growing businesses, we help to tell your story strategically positioning your organisation in the right places, and in front of the right people: clients and stakeholders alike.

We also help businesses set up internal communications units – from recruitment and training, to timed supervision and strategy implementation.

Download our special service bouquet document here.


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