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Dear CEO, is your organisation a responsible corporate citizen?


The entire world is just gradually recovering from the trauma we experienced in 2020, while dealing with the residual impact on individuals and society at large. This has placed a more urgent demand on organisations to become more socially conscious and quick to respond to social and environmental issues that are germane to customers and stakeholders alike.


Think of yourself as a customer: certainly, you have become more loyal and supportive of brands that have demonstrated their humanness and provided a more personal experience. What company would you  rather interact with: the one bringing benefits to the society or another one (making use) taking advantage of society?


Since we already anticipate your answer, we agree: a positive social impact is what evokes authentic and timeless loyalty in clients, partners and employees. No wonder: each stakeholder is willing to be associated with a social enterprise! 


“Does it mean that I will have to choose impact over profit?” Let’s take a moment to explain:


Social entrepreneurship is channeling your profit to impactful deeds that consequently lead to multiplying your revenue as your company gains increased positive perception, partners see trustworthiness and employees feel fulfilled and empowered to carry on their important mission of improving, if not the world, then their community.


Do you already feel inspired and ardent to implement corporate social responsibility values in your company? It is more simple to start than it seems. 

  • Thoroughly audit your company and survey all internal stakeholders to know what social initiatives to support
  • Determine how to incorporate them in your business model; 
  • Identify key sustainability challenges ahead of implementing these initiatives

Once you have concluded on something where corporate assistance or intervention is required, budget planning and implementation strategy is next. This would be a good period to engage a reliable #publicrelations partner.


Across Nigeria alone, more and more brands choose to make an impact. Several examples of responsible corporate citizens abound – but mostly among multinationals and publicly listed companies. There are countless more opportunities to make strategic impact aligned with the goals of your organisation.


At Mosron Communications, we straddle both divides: a clear understanding of social impact initiatives and the importance of business outcomes for executives. Our organisational design uniquely positions us to support social impact organisations and allows us to make an impact on society as well.  One of the ways we have demonstrated this commitment is our ongoing sponsorship of Nigerian Women in PR – an independent social impact organisation aimed to support, inspire and empower Nigerian women practicing public relations both in Nigeria and globally. Read about our beneficiary and all their initiatives which we provide ongoing communications support for:


Is your brand socially conscious and impact driven or you are considering social impact initiatives as we enter the new year? Perhaps you have engaged in social impact activities and are struggling to measure impact and results to communicate them to your stakeholders? 


Then let’s have a conversation today.


In the second part of this article, we will discuss the challenge of corporate responsiveness and how to identify what issues to respond to. 






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