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Flexibility is the key component of quality service delivery.

When businesses are plunged into the global economic uncertainty and seek for customised decisions, it is crucial for them to have enough options for rational budget planning, as well as scrupulously select promising development opportunities – and PR & Business Consulting appears to be indispensable. A skillful consultant confidently navigates the external communication course, maintains integrity of internal processes and turns soft points into unique traits. 

However, what is an organisation to do if long-term partnership with an experienced consultant is simply unaffordable after much consideration? How does one balance a limited budget with the undeniable necessity of high level communications support? 

Our team has dedicated significant time to analyse this business challenge and have designed a feasible solution that will now allow more medium-sized businesses access premium communications strategy and advisory. Now, partnership is feasible without retainership!

#MosronPeople has crafted a special one-time package that will help you understand where your brand is from a PR and Communications perspective, and what you need to do to get to the next level. 

The Comprehensive Brand Audit & Strategy Service engineered to equip you with multifaceted brand assessment, critical brand SWOT-analysis, insightful stakeholder survey and a 12-month bespoke PR and communications strategy coupled with expert advisory – everything in one playbook tailored to your brand`s peculiarities. Simply plug and play your bespoke playbook which will include an implementation guide for your in-house team.

Short-term engagements do not need to be transactionary. Now, you can get impressive results without breaking the bank!

Whether you are a corporate brand or an executive, we welcome you to talk and reflect what exactly YOUR brand needs most.



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