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Dear management team, I am writing to propose protective measures your organisation should immediately embark on (if you have not done any or all) in response to the continued spread of #coronavirus.

For external engagements and planned events:

All physical events planned which will host more than 20 persons should immediately be suspended and communicated. Any insistence to hold a physical event at this time is you simply saying: “We are not globally relevant. We are insignificant and can be overlooked.”

For protective in-company measures:

1. Staff meetings should be held virtually to minimize group contact

2. Only business-critical travel; when they do travel, quarantine recommendations

3. Staff canteens should have only pre-packed foods, and reduce amount of time spent within shared spaces

4. Special webpage or screen pop ups to remind people to wash their hands, and to provide information updates

5. Encourage remote working Employee communications is critical at this time and must be properly managed.

Employee contacts outside the organisation are not guaranteed so there must be a uniform approach to prevent spread or panic.

What steps have you taken in response to #coronavirus?


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