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Did you ever spend the Kobo coin? No?

Perhaps you have seen the United States Quarter Coin, worth 25 Cents. The Quarter has on its front, a picture of George Washington, and at the back either a United States Emblem or a design of one of the 50 states.

This coin is only useful when both sides of the design carries the design it ought to. Otherwise, it would be useless to the general public (the intended users) but may form part a collector’s art cache.

It is the same principle with your organisation’s news story. One of the functions of a PR Consultancy practice like Mosron Communications is to advise its clients when the need for news reportage arises.

Who should see this story? Who is the organisation’s target market? What subliminal story are we trying to reinforce, beyond the obvious headline?

It is not enough that your organisation’s story is everywhere; it needs to be placed where the relevant audience will see, and appreciate, it.

Note for execs who engage journalists directly: you will obviously get the short end of the stick because the journo will only publish on platforms that they have the most clout in, not necessarily because it is the best fit for your organisation’s story.


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