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Mosron Communications was in my short list of 4 PR firms when I decided to apply to Nigeria-headquartered organisations specialised in strategic communications.

The key determinants of my choice included well-managed corporate social media, professional visibility of the employees of all levels across media channels and noticeable social impact which I was able to judge by the client cases presented alongside insights on the organisational development.

I saw: measurable progress was valued here. And applied.

During the second stage of my application process, I enjoyed how thoroughly my virtual interview was arranged: a scheduled meeting link with the invitation email ahead of the interview session. Such details mould an employer brand.

When I joined Mosron after the careful selection process from both sides and me feeling internally resonant with #MosronPeople, our Lagos-based team was not fully remote yet and I plugged into a hybrid work style. The saving grace was our strong connectivity through various digital tools: I joined meetings from Saint Petersburg and was never overboard — moreover, I, often led our staff meetings, brainstorming sessions and announced discussion agendas.

As we are now 100% remote across two continents, we are most attentive to our daily schedule and make sure we stick to the business hours and do not overwork because of the blurred line between the office and home. Employee engagement is driven by effective internal communications, and we realised it.

Same as good unbringing starts at home, my team understands that it is not feasible to be a communications consultant if internal communications is out of order.

Throughout the year, I learnt and taught Diversity and Inclusion in practice. When your team consists of different ethnic and national groups, it is a conducive environment to explore how to communicate better not only as a communications professional, but as a person.

Interaction with Nigerian and Sub-Saharan companies and their managers, multifaceted market analysis and regular immersion in the regional media world significantly deepened my expertise in PR.

I strongly recommend to everyone who is willing to grow professionally to cross borders in every sense. It is the most beneficial opportunity to familiarise with your industry in the global dimension and earn a seat at the table of global experts.


Varvara Astapova

Author Varvara Astapova

Varvara is a Communications Associate at Mosron Communications and part of the company`s global team. In this capacity, she is responsible for strategy support and implementation, thought leadership content, media and brand reputation monitoring and external communications of Mosron team. She is a certified political scientist specialising in marketing communications with practical experience in B2B public relations, social research and project management. Varvara is keen on working in purpose-driven multinational teams with particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

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