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At Mosron, we embody the creative expertise needed to develop impactful initiatives that align with our clients’ vision, goals and business objectives, with a focus on supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and driving positive change within the communities they operate.

We recently supported Upbeat Centre in designing and developing its sustainable impact initiatives. One such initiative, the Games Day Program, launched some days ago. This program is designed to provide access and exposure to disadvantaged and underprivileged children in society, providing a conducive environment for active fun as an important factor in childhood development.

This program aligns with Upbeat Center’s adoption of SDG 3, and it’s advocacy to reduce screen addiction in children and young adults. Beyond social responsibility, impact programs must be designed along ESG principles, while making measurable changes in society. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we help organizations to create lasting positive change in their communities of operation while supporting global commitment for development.

Interested in partnering on this initiative, or looking to conceptualize a sustainable impact initiative for your organisation? Let’s get talking:








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