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If you are an entrepreneur with a growing business, especially one that offers services, your personal brand may well be your most important marketing asset.

That Friday, I had just completed a website content development request and a national PR product launch roadmap for a couple of Mosron Communications‘ clients.

To unwind, I went on Twitter and put out that tweet above.

That’s how my first viral tweet happened.

Not only did it make the rounds on Twitter, but it also got to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp statuses.

Here is the thing: most people wanted to know the person behind the tweet.

With the same name and profile picture on all social media platforms, it was definitely easy to know when they found the right account.

More than that though, my profile on each of these social media pages tells my page visitors about my businesses and causes I am interested in.

Because being on social media shouldn’t just be for fun.

Of course, apart from getting new followers, I got a couple of business deals alongside.

Do you own a service business? Then your social media profile should be your e-business card.

Provide just enough information to make people ask for more.


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