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Real Estate Client: Stakeholder Management

The Brief

The client took a business decision in the interest of the public which had a potential for stigmatisation due to ignorance and superstitious beliefs about health crises. The client thus required proactive PR-focused activities that would anticipate potential crises, educate the public and generate goodwill.


We conceptualised and implemented a range of activities to address both internal and external stakeholders. We designed a Digital PR Campaign to counter damaging news originating for superstitious beliefs and ignorance. We also guided the Chief Executive in their first video address to staff, addressing concerns while appreciating dedication to work during the global health crisis. In addition, we conceptualised and led the company to deliver the first virtual press conference in Nigeria with multiple stakeholders including donor and press representatives in attendance.


Post-implementation surveys for designed activity for each stakeholder segment showed up to 90% positive impact of delivered activities and perception shift. The survey results also showed up other areas that were not considered by the client at the inception – results which further guided management’s actions and led to cost savings of over N100M ($250,000).

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