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NGO Client: PR-focused Industry Project

The Brief

The founder was better known than the organisation and thus limited collaboration and funding opportunities. The organisation needed more visible presence in the industry to access more grants and join elite think tank NGOs in the industry.


We conceptualised a humanitarian assistance project focused directly on people who had lost their jobs or could no longer get contracts due to the impact of the global pandemic. Armed with information about the project, we created template messages reaching out to funding organisations to introduce the NGO and encourage them to contribute to the Fund. We also reached out to people within the industry who had been negatively impacted.


The project had an initial fund of N200,000 ($500); after we designed a communications template to engage the founder’s wide network of contacts in the industry, they raised over N10M ($25,000), got more publicity for the brand, and had tangible engagements with erstwhile cold donor agencies.
As a corollary to the Humanitarian Assistance Project and the open conversation with international organisations and donors, we designed a webinar series to further deepen the relationship between the NGO and these strategic partners. It served the dual purpose of knowledge sharing for industry growth and getting visibility for this client. We were able to secure 5 speakers who are heads of the organisations that had no prior knowledge of our client.