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Mosron Communications Upskilling Program (CSR)Capacity Building

In 2018, Mosron Communications commenced its annual CSR program to train members of the general public on LinkedIn Optimisation and Digital Communications. From available data, we know that professionals and entrepreneurs across industries will benefit greatly from business communication, social selling, and strategic communications skills. According to the World Bank, MSMEs represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide, contributing up to 40% of national income in emerging economies including sub-Saharan Africa


We held our first virtual training for 256 participants across Nigeria. The training was oversubscribed by over 105%.


I would like to appreciate Mosron Communications here again even though I have done that through DM. The 2 hours plus they gave us is what I appreciate and which I believe the majority of us also do. This training is what some folks or organisations will never do for free and they never requested any of us to first make payment to their bank account before joining the class. The training is worth some few dollars honestly! You have indeed opened my eyes and now I can see very clearly.

Isaac Fala


We held two distinct onsite trainings for professionals and entrepreneurs, and expanded the scope to include facilitators to teach on financial management and business set up processes.

We also held a virtual training on Twitter that got 50,000+ impressions and 1,500+ direct engagement with the tweet thread.

See video reviews of the trainings here:

Youtube 1
Youtube 2


We conceptualised a capacity building programme to train mid-senior level professionals and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn optimisation and business communication strategies. This training was delivered both in person and virtually (on Twitter) with adequate social media publicity that attracted the desired audience.  


We trained 25 mid-senior level professionals and 20+ entrepreneurs in person and 5,000+  users joined the Twitter conversation. The resulting post received over 50,000 impressions across SSA and is still being regularly referenced.