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Dear Senior Executive,

Now you and your organisation have to be online. Are you prepared?

Learning the language of digital communications and the intricacies of social platforms during the best of times can be a tedious chore.

Now, you do not have the luxury of time.

Not only are you now required to host webinars and IG live sessions, you also need to figure out how to protect your organisation as staff have unrestricted access to social media during work hours.

Communications Policies need to be updated – but with what?

To help you, dear senior executives, navigate these challenging times, I have designed the Personal Public Relations Consult with Tolucomms.

This is an exclusive consulting service available to C-suite executives, HNIs and first time PR/Communications Managers of medium and large sized organisations.

Approaching digital communications from a public relations and corporate communications perspective is what distinguishes a smart organisation from a reactive one.

With the different service package available under the Personal Public Relations Consult, you can:

  • Get fresh insights during strategy sessions
  • Upskill comms/sales/marketing teams
  • Outsource communications functions

What have you done differently this period?


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