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Corporate Visibility: How to Retain Audience Attention

By August 16, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Visibility is a critical component for brands’ viability. How do you ensure that your corporate voice is clearly heard and well-perceived in this era of information buzz? This is the question every CEO must confront while planning communication strategies alongside their PR partners.

Fast-paced digitisation makes the path to this solution even more difficult: brands have to pull the blanket of the audience’s attention over to their channels as messages of other brands struggle to gain prominence too.

This week,  share several nuggets that will aid an effective communications strategy to help your brand remain on the top of mind and conversations even in the midst of engaging shows like Big Brother Nigeria, the Super Bowl and Football Season.

Read our article “Big Brother Nigeria and B2B Communications: 7 Tips to Retain Audience Attention” published by Proshare Nigeria here and enjoy our illustrative infographics!


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