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Healthcare Investment Client: Virtual Event Management

The Brief

A top healthcare investment company planned to have a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a guest during their inaugural webinar. The client required us to drive organic publicity for awareness and sign-ups within 7 days, manage end-to-end communications with the Minister’s team as well as ensure uninterrupted access during the actual event.


We developed and implemented an end-to-end event plan that included an exhaustive briefing note for the Minister’s team as well as the client. For publicity, we leveraged on the client’s personal brand and implemented a comprehensive promotional plan Twitter and LinkedIn exclusively while managing all creative vendors. To ensure hackers did not interrupt the event, we instituted dedicated event participation protocols that ensured we were able to deliver the webinar successfully.


Participants’ registration was 250% above client expectation, and active participants during the webinar about 80% more than anticipated turn out. Our expert delivery earned us an unsolicited public commendation and recognition by the client.